Saturday, December 24, 2011

there`s no speed limit in a kayak

All these exercises have one aim,  they are designed to help you paddle FASTER
I sneaked into a lesson today, given by Roei Yelin, one of our olympic kayakers who was invited to give  some tips to our surfski paddlers. Actually I was invited and so didn`t have to sneak in. I figure if its good for the olympic paddlers then it should be good for us regular paddlers too.

The lesson was divided into two.First the basic 4 parts of the forward stroke, this is the same for all kayaking if you want to get maximum effect from your effort
I wont go over this again except to pay attention to the pushing hand and its importance in driving the paddle into the water, helping to plant the blade  and then turning the body while pulling the boat towards the paddle.Also the exit is vital as when the paddle passes vertical it drives the kayak downwards and so slows you down . These subtle  movements are more pronounced in the olympic  kayaks and surfskis as they are so light on the water and less so on the seakayaks. But the effect is there and if you paddle more perfectly you will benefit.

Shifting weight from one bum to the other is also part of the deal and this exercise helps to get those muscles in good shape. Sit on the floor in a kayaking position and then by wiggling your ass move forward as fast as you can, go ahead and try it, its not as easy as it looks.

Stretching the paddling muscles with rubber bands and sitting on an exercise ball all help to develop balance and  strength

All the stretches are combined with rotation
An then you need to get out on the water.  Thanks to Kid for organising the day and to Roei for the lesson and also to Racheli for the photos

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