Saturday, December 3, 2011

follow the leader

Today the wind had dropped and the low tide made all the reefs accessible.
While most of the group made a run for Jasser, the Arab village just north of Cesearea, 4 of us played follow the leader through the gaps in the  rocks
Some of the gaps were small
Others were a bit more complicated

Boat handling had to be precise
Some turns were pretty tight
Some gaps took a bit of paint off the boat
But we all got through
Some gaps were huge
Every gap was examined
The rising and falling water made some of the passages like a lift, or elevator for my American friends
Timing is vital when going through these gaps

The sun sparkled on the water
And even the Channel of Death was accessible today
We all had a lot of fun today , hope you did too.

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hadas said...

nice one/
hope to be joining you there soon.