Friday, November 19, 2010

Avners stolen kayak. Have you seen this kayak

I received an email just now from Avner, very distressing news, his first strip built kayak has been stolen. here is his letter requesting help in locating it. If anybody has seen this kayak please will you call Avner as soon as possible 
 Hi Steve
My first strip kayak (Cape Ann) was stolen this week.
Could you please publish it in your blog and if possible in the blog of Optimist too.
It was stolen from the store house of the National parks Authority in Alexander river.
I guess if the bustards will use it it will be in your region.
Here are the photos. It has now black bungeeies and a black Feathercraft rudder which is not in the photos.
I think that any strip kayak that was not built by you or your friend, and seen lately arround Furadis, Dor or Keysaria might be this one.
If someone will see it in the water   please call me as soon as possible.
Actually I think maybe I did see it on Thursday evening coming home from Netanya. A car passed me with a kayak on his roof, it had a black rudder. I was interested to see it and turned round and chased it but to no avail, it disappeared and so I went on my way home not thinking about  it anymore.Maybe it was yours Avner. 
I am real sorry to hear this news and hope that you find it soon.
In the cause of decency I will not say what I think should be done to the ones who stole it.

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avital said...

מצטערת לשמוע על הגנבה.
נפקח עין באזור שלנו.
מקווה מכל לב שהקאיק ימצא בקרוב