Sunday, November 21, 2010

optimists = opt in the mist

This is the season of misty weather in the morning. Winter is a bit late, the sea is still warm and the difference in water and land temperatures results in early morning mists.

When the airport is shut down due to reduced visibility things are not so good, but when it comes to our early morning paddle its another matter. In fact due to our lack of extreme weather we enjoy any challenge the elements throw at us. So a paddle in pea soup fog becomes an exciting adventure.
The sun is barely visible through the mist, kayaks drift in and out of vision, fishermen appear to be floating in the sea and everything takes on a surreal appearance.

As long as we stay close to shore we are safe, we think, that is if we can see the shore all the time. It can become very disorientating when you loose all your landmarks. Luckily for us its a rare occurance and we do not have it too often.
Everyone enjoyed the experience and we tried to capture it on film but the ideal picture is an ellusive thing.
How best to capture the feeling and the moment.
Of all my photos I like this one best.
All in all it was a great paddle.