Thursday, November 4, 2010

things you see at sea and a new winter project

I met this guy the other day, didn`t have much time to talk but found out that he was paddling his hasake,[ I dont know the English equivalent] from Rosh hanikra on the northern border , down to Hertzlia. Thats a long way to paddle standing up all the time.
This is my new project for the winter. Its a Guillemot fast double kayak, for advanced and intermediate paddlers. Hopefully I can get my better half to come paddling with me when its finished.

I have begun to cut out the forms .The cedar beams are for my next Greenland paddle carving day  

Here are some of the forms, ready to have the center holes cut out . I have to make a strongback of 23feet. thats 7.7m. and I don`t know how I`m going to transport it when its finished, maybe Ill have to hire a limo. Well I`ll just have to cross that bridge when I get to it.


Silbs said...

1. Interesting guy. I'm not sure we have a name for that boat. It would be easier to see if he hadn't overloaded it.

2. Those kit boats are beautiful. Be careful. Here in the states we call tandems "divorce boats". :)

hadas said...

cant wait to see your new baby on the water.
good luck man

Rachel Einav said...

the Gay name is Amos Trumper and he works as a paramedic in Apolonia (Herzlia)shore.