Saturday, November 6, 2010

5 more Greenland paddles made in Israel today

Danny and Yossie working hard

success at the end of the day

Iris  managed despite her wounds

Anat and Itay 

Itay getting his blade right

anat with a vintage plane

get stuck in

Vered fixing her paddle

Ben getting ready for his paddle
we did it
Greenland style paddling in Israel  got another boost today  when 5 new paddles were made . Hopefully they will be seen on the water soon as their new owners take them out to sea.Most of the participants have had lessons with Helen Wilson and know more or less how to do a standard Greenland roll. Watch this space for more details.


hadas said...

great one.
as usual lunch was a high light.
thanks to lin and steve for a great atmosphere,and fantastic food.
now everybody needs to get on the water a.s.a.p. with their new paddle before its too cold to roll.
love ben's picture.
see you there againin 2 weeks for the next paddle carving vestival.
unless i see you before that on the water.

karel said...

great work steve

Silbs said...

You have my admiration. I love using my Greenland paddles, but I have never had any luck trying to make the bloody things.

Zviki said...

Steve & Lynn, thanks for the wonderful lunch break and great vibe. Ben's getting ready for your 2020 workshop. Looking forward to my 2nd paddle project in two weeks time. Zviki.

avital said...

סטיב גורדון!!!!!
אין עליך!
מה שנעשה באהבה- יחזור באהבה
כל הכבוד
מעורר השראה
inspairing (any spelling mistak?...)