Saturday, October 30, 2010

more of the same

Same place, different day, oh yes today was just as good as yesterday

today Racheli came to take pictures with her nikkon

the surf was dramatic, and just getting out was an adventure

The theory is clear, but when you are pounded by the waves and get washed back time and again you begin to wonder just what you are looking for

the answer is the ride back to shore

it`s exciting

and a lot of fun

everybody gets flipped sooner or later

so use nose plugs

and learn to roll

thats what makes it fun

after an hour or so I had to break for coffee

the petrel is a great surf kayak

the surf was so powerful that Israel broke his paddle in one of the large waves

Dror enjoyed himself too

mickey was out there too until his spray skirt got ripped as well


avital said...

No helmot?!!!!!!!!!!!!

nissim said...

it was very exciting today