Monday, October 18, 2010

thats all folks

Helen showing how you can get tangled up in a Greenland paddle, better not try this one at home

Ben had us doing all sorts of rescues on the water

this is the scoop rescue

A rare picture of Ehud, our big BOSS

Dont lift the boat , keep it on your deck to drain the water out

all in and cowboy rescues all day long

towing into the wind

cleopatra`s needle and rescue was quite a challenge

there was a lot of discussion

Izzy was very patient while his kayak was being emptied

more cowboy rescues

keeping the group tight and close together

Helen and Hadas  having a ball

Our guests of honour
Now its all over till next year, and we have a lot of stuff to practice and pass on to all those who didn`t get to come and meet Ben and Helen. I must say it was a great experience, to eat sleep and drink kayaking for 4 days. Many thanks to Ben and Helen for the great lessons and company and also to the Optimist club, Ehud Avigail, Yossele and of course Hadas.

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