Saturday, October 23, 2010

friday and saturday at sdot yam

Friday morning the sea was quite high with surf about 1+m.

Mission of the day was to get the group out and back in in one piece

for some reason there was good discipline on the water and the group stayed together all the time.We even got to practice some rescues in more than flat water.

coming back can be a challenge in the large surf, but we all made it successfully

Lunch time at the Optimist kayak club

In the afternoon the wind had picked up to a strong northerly with wind waves of over 1m
when this happens the rest of the world comes to play , making paddling an extreme sport

We went out against the wind for about an hour

going against the waves they seem much bigger than the other way around
going home we ran with the waves surfing all the way. What a great day

Again we stayed in a tight group.


avital said...

High discipline group.... all the time...

karel said...

Ideed it was a great day on the water even a bit further south

Silbs said...

Looks like youhave an active group and a lot of fun.