Friday, October 1, 2010

annual trip fromRosh Hanikra on the northern border to Sdot Yam

We came across this capsized dingy, and gave a hand to upright it and help the stranded kid from the reef to the shore

Gil  giving the kid a ride, as you can see he was not too traumatised

We had a visit fro a flying friend

Shade and lunch on the beach

Vered loves chocolate spread on bread

food is an important part of our trip

Izzy is a master at flipping the omlettes

every meal was a feast

we passed all these bobbing heads at a beach in Haifa early in the morning

coming in for our first break at Shavei Zion beach

great to see more than 20 kayaks on the water

waiting to set out agter getting through the waves

yossele helping to get through the waves

zviki can do it alone

kid gets a hand

look ma no hands, better get your blade in the water fast

heres Izzy

getting ready to start

nice way to start the day
cool hat there

one surfing in on e punching out.


avital said...

looks great
disaponted not beeing able to be there with you guys
next year!!!

Lee said...

I cannot get over the great kayaking community and the beautiful women.

Unknown said...

Lee, right on both counts, you are welcome to visit anytime.
Avital. missed you too

hadas said...

as usual, great pictures and great trip.
thanks stve for having such a fantastic blog

Silbs said...

Chocolate on bread. Doesn't the bible list that as a major sin?