Friday, April 23, 2010

out of africa

I just spent a week in South Africa visiting my parents, no paddling there as they live many miles from the coast.
They call it the rainbow nation because of the mixture of colors among the population.

The weather has been different this year, lots and lots of rain, and for me coming from the desert it was fantastic to watch the rain clouds gather in the sky, then experience a thunderstorm only to watch it get blown away within the hour and the sun come out again.
I did find something useful for kayaking though. If you are like me and need reading glasses to see the small print on your camera,  map or compass while paddling, then you know that its a hassle to change glasses from sunglasses to reading glasses and back
Meet Bondiblu, the sunglasses with the reading lenses set in like bifocals.

I guess its just a matter of getting used to them for a few days, but they look promising and they are almost  unnoticable when wearing them.  Just what I need for my upcoming Alaska trip

I am still processing the week and may write about it later. But if you are planing to go for the soccer next month I`m sure that you will have a great time. Me, I`ll be going kayaking in Alaska.

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Rachel Einav said...

welcome home
the glasses looks great on u.