Thursday, April 1, 2010

come out for a paddle with me

 Well I had one of those small  video cameras that you wear on you head and then you film what you are looking at. Its got a fixed focus wide angle lens and so the images are a bit distorted and its difficult to film your friends surfing, also the view does not let you see whats behind you as you surf and so there is no way to convey the size of the waves you are surfing.Also if you get water on the lens you only  find out at the end of the session. The non stop movement of my head is also a bit distracting, maybe its better to mount the camera somewhere in the deck or on a pole like Justine does. All in all for a first time it wasn`t too bad but more experimenting needs to be done to improve the quality of the film. Its also a bit long and so no hard feelings if you skip through it.

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Rachel Einav said...

הי סטיב,
היה מעניין למדנו שכדור הארץ עגול ושאנחנו בפנים.
החדות של הסרט טובה.
תמשיך להתאמן עד אלסקה.
וחוץ מזה אתה מה-זה רציני, לא מביט ימינה ושמאלה.