Monday, April 12, 2010

another go pro video

Somehow I got some water vapour on the inside lens of the waterproof housing, hope its not indicative of a serious problem.


Silbs said...

Fun stuff, where was this taking place?

Unknown said...

Fun stuff indeed, and it all takes place in our own backyard among the reefs along the coast of Cesarea. The thing is that not too many people know about it and we would like to keep is secret so dont go and tell too many people about it please.

Silbs said...

I thought I recognized the area...and your secret is safe with me.

Rachel Einav said...

There is no Doubt 3:20 is the peak point of the movie,

hadas said...

אחלה סרט
מגוון ואחלה אחלה מוסיקה
לא רק גלים כיף לראות.
שיהיה אחלה טיול בחו"ל
כבר מתגעגעים
יאללה אדיוס

hadas said...

nice one, racheli
you are a star!!! :-)

avital said...

Hi, where r u ????
didn't know you are going away!!!
Have a good time, where ever you are.
Hi, Independant Day!
what will you eat?
no "mangal"?
All the best!!!

paddlingOTAKU said...

I use the gopro HD on my paddling blog as well. I have only had one issue with condensation on the inside of the lens. Moisture inside before closing up the housing.

nice work