Sunday, December 27, 2009

lost comment

The fact is that I dont get too many comments and so everyone that I do get is very much appreciated. Today I lost a comment , I decided to moderate because of unsolicitated adverts, and every comment gets previewed before appearing on the blog. Today I saw a comment by bathmate, but after clicking publish it went missing. If Bathmate sees this, please resubmit your comment and I will be more careful when publishing it again.


Unknown said...

OOPS, my mistake, I found the comment on an older entry, so thanks to you bathmate, glad you like my blog.

Lee said...

Hey steve been following along your blog here for a while, so yes we are reading!

I know the feeling as well, it is great to get a comment, at least then you don't feel as though you are talking to yourself!

Unknown said...

Thanks abduk, you are right on the nail .