Saturday, December 26, 2009

the last paddle day..............................of 2009

Today I held the last paddle day of the year, 7, no make that 6 and a half new Greenland paddles went out into the world today. Seven kayakers made new friends today and we all had a great time working together and making new paddles.
Thanks to all who attended today and worked hard to make their paddles. It takes a lot of effort and concentration to spend a whole day carving a paddle especially when you have almost no experience working with wood, sharp tools and in a foreign language.
Now you all need to get out on the water and start using the sticks, remember it takes a bit of time and dedication before it feels natural, but once you get there the Greenland paddle is great. don`t give up and hang it on your wall as a decoration.
Heres the photos from today


Anonymous said...


I had a great time. thanks a lot for the amazing hospitality and dedication and especially for bearing with me being last and "locking" the workshop gates :-)


avital said...

זו היתה חוויה נפלאה!
סטיב ולין ביחד בעניין של הפצת הזרעים היפים האלה של העשייה העצמית- משוטים, קאיקים...
מסר חזק של "אפשר גם כך"- כל אחד איך שמתאים לו- מדוייק, או "לפי העין", מהר, לאט.. העיקר- התהליך ואהבת התוצר. ו..ניפגש עם המקלות על המים!

karel said...

Steve great to see the mix of different club members.