Wednesday, December 16, 2009

have a doughnut for hannuka

So it`s that time of year again, HAPPY HANNUKA to all,

doughnuts are all the rage right now but how many can one poor guy eat at a time.

Not too many or else you wont be able to fit into your Greenland kayak again.

I say this because today I paddled in Iris`s Tahe Marine Greenland style kayak.

It was a tight fit and I could not use the footpegs as they are too low for me. Nevertheless I enjoyed the ride.Its a fine sleek kayak, and on the flat water was very easy to handle. Even with a strongish offshore wind I didn`t have any trouble keeping on course. I couldn`t try rolling as my sprayskirt was much too large for the cockpit and couldn`t close it at all.Thank you Iris.
We also learnt the rules of right of way, as you can see in this photo of the tugboat versus the kayak, guess who has right of way?

Avigail presented Yossele with a Greenland paddle that she made for him for his birthday, so Happy birthday to you Yos, what a great gift.

Ok, once again happy Hannuka to all and have a great holiday season.


Silbs said...

Happy holiday. I would like to try the Tahe. Pass on the donuts.

hadas said...

happy birthday yos'
great day rigth before the big weekend storm arrives.
enjoy the wintery weekend,
and smile as much as posible.

yosale said...

thanks guys!
hope to have a lot of water running under my kayak seat skirt next to u...