Saturday, December 19, 2009

anything you can do ...................................

Its not the type of sea for a long kayak but I had to get in there anyway. This morning I just couldn`t stay away. I got to the beach at about 8 am, Israel and Ohad had already been in the water for an hour. The sea was like a washing machine , waves breaking in all directions, and a strong southerly wind. After hesitating for a while I dived in. I have just finished putting a hatch and bulkhead in my new Petrel and wanted to try it out.
No surfing for me, just getting out there and dancing on the waves, its a lot of fun, and now that my kayak is much more seaworthy I don`t have to worry about bailing out anymore.
There were a lot of spectators and photographers as well as a few sit on tops, but they quickly gave up as the surf was a bit too rough for them. Small kayaks rule.
I managed to get some medium quality video with my small Olympus and Vered gave me a few of her photos too for the blog.
There`s nothing like the sea, how I love it.


Silbs said...

Great post. Still, I don't know why you put up with that surf and excellent launch site when you could be here, in Milwaukee, in three layers and a dry suit :)

Unknown said...

beats me too