Friday, December 18, 2009

green with envy

Meet my friend and fellow kayaker Rami Gill. He is based in Tel Aviv and runs the kayak club at Beit Daniel rowing club on the Yarkon river as it flows out to the sea.
Rami has been kayaking for more than 10 years, is a great all rounder but LOVES playing in the waves. Whenever there is a storm warning he`s out there at the Hilton Beach in the thick of it. This enthusiasm is contagious and now a large part of his group are also wave freaks. This is not for long kayaks, for this type of surfing you need one of those tiny short surf kayaks which unfortunately I cannot get into for anatomical reasons. But I enjoy watching them play and am considering a short sit on top surfer like the Chaos. Here`s Rami`s video of a bunch of newbies learning the ropes after buying their first surf kayaks.
Makes me green with envy.


Silbs said...

Time for you to make a feature length video with your great musical findings. Face it: We'd all rather look at your videos than have you drill on our teeth :)

Unknown said...

I can play you music while I fix your teeth too