Saturday, November 22, 2008


The weather changed over the last couple of days, the sea rose up and gave us swells and waves for a few days of fun. Yesterday and today were overcast and rain was predicted. This morning we went out for our morning paddle at 0700, the sea was lumpy with shorebreakers and a bit of wind and in the distance we could see the approaching storm.We finished our outing after about 2 hours and while waiting in the clubhouse the rain came down in buckets. The club has a tin roof and you can imagine the sound of the rain drumming it, it gets so loud that you cant hear anything else.

In a moment we had rivers running down to the sea, the second group of paddlers had to give up and come back as the wind was gusting in sudden strong attacks.

And then when it was just about over we had 2 brave souls get in their boats and go play in the water. All in all a great morning.

Later on I went to see a new kayak almost finished, Yochai has been building a new Night Heron and launch date is coming soon, be sure not to miss it.


Silbs said...

Something about that first image that captures my eye.

Unknown said...

something in the way she looks, wasnt that an old beatles song?
I agree

derrick said...

what a great way to get the salt off the gear. Just stand in the rain for a few minutes. Fantastic!

hadas said...

that black clowd reminds me of the energy in the air that day......brrr