Wednesday, November 12, 2008

conspiracy theories

We came home from shopping for the weekly groceries, something that I am not usually party to, and Lynn separated my impulse purchases from hers. She goes with a list and seldom buys anything not on the list, I on the other hand failed the test miserably. It seems that I am dangerous when let loose in a supermarket and therefore the conclusion is that I am never to go shopping on my own without a list and a promise not to deviate from it at all. Fine by me, I`d rather be kayaking, but then someone has to be responsible for keeping the fridge fully stocked and getting the meals on the table . So I do appreciate the effort that it takes to keep the household running efficiently and on budget.
On the other hand I also know how much psychology goes into planning an efficient supermarket, for example at our local the simple products like milk and bread are situated in the farthest corner of the store, forcing one to walk through all the isles just to get there. This exposes you to all the attractive deals on site and also increases the hunger effect. Even though I had eaten breakfast beforehand, I found myself imagining hunger as I walked past all the good looking food products, and judging by the size of my impulse buying pile, I didn`t manage to resist enough.
In future I will go kayaking and leave the shopping to my more self controlled better half.

This morning there was a hint of a wave on the shore, maybe the sea will rise and give us some surf fun on the weekend.

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