Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Way too much sun...maybe

Yesterday just as we came back from our morning paddle and were chatting in our boats before going ashore he came up to us all excited"you have to come and listen" he shouted, "the sea is talking, you have to come and listen". Hadas and I looked at each other with a knowing look, of course it must be the exposure to the sun and he is a psychologist anyway, we thought. So as not to cause too much of a scene we went with to listen. It really was magic, there is this channel in the reef which we call the Channel of Death, on a rough day its a real challenge to negotiate through it , but yesterday the sea was flat calm and the swell was very gentle, rising and dropping without any threat. As we entered the channel and just listened to the sounds we could hear the sea talking. As the water rushed in it caused little puffs of air to squeeze through the rocks bubbling and sighing, like a giant breathing and snoring away. He was right, the sea was talking. I tried to capture the moment on a video, be sure to listen carefully to the sounds of the sea.

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