Wednesday, November 26, 2008

bungees ropes and strings=oops

What a great day in the surf, huge waves and not too cold. But wait, trouble ahead. I have a pump under my bungees on the front deck for those times when a bailout is needed, and it is attached to the deck lines with a short cord to prevent it getting lost or washed away. It has come in very handy in the past and is essential gear .Yesterday while surfing, I flipped over in a rather large wave and while attempting to roll felt something holding my paddle, not letting me get any movement. At first I thought I had broken a paddle but then discovered that the paddle had become entangled in the cord holding the pump to the decklines, thus preventing a roll and causing a wet exit. Thus is experience born.


avital said...

מקרה דומה קרה לי עם חוט ארוך מידי של משרוקית. בזמן חילוץ - הסתבכה המשרוקית בחבלי הסיפון, ומנעה כניסה זריזה לקוקפיט.
קצרו חבלים לא הכרחיים!!!!

Silbs said...

The very reason I don't like a paddle leash.