Thursday, November 6, 2008

After the Symposium

So did you enjoy yourself at the symposium, was it good for you too, did you learn something new, what now that its over? These are some of the thoughts going round and round in my head for a few days and the answers change all the time.Personally as a kayak addict[certified by my wife and friends], I can honestly say that the last week has been heaven for me. To be immersed in kayaking activities at this intensity for a week has been a great experience. From last wednesday playing in the surf with Jeff, watching and learning how he manages to loop and play going backwards in large waves was a eyeopener.

Then 4 days of full time coaching as an assistant to Derrick, Phill and Jeff was an invaluable experience to an aspiring kayak instructor. Learning how they interact and teach by being at their side all the time is like being an apprentice.I hope that I have gained some insights that will make me a better coach too.
One aspect that inspired me was the sheer number of people who signed up for Greenland rolling lessons with Derrick, 2 sessions a day for 4 days equals about 80 people who were exposed to the Greenland paddle almost for the first time. This is an explosion and I am sure that we will be seeing more and more kayakers with the stick in their hands from now on.

Yesterday I paddled with Derrick and Jeff from Habonim beach down to Sdot Yam. It was a perfect day to explore the myriad rocky outcrops, caves and coves along the way.

We paddled at our ease , taking photographs at every opportunity and Jeff had me tow him along so that he could use his video camera more effectively. He is doing some research into the Phonecian peoples who originated in this area and managed to sail to and trade tin in his home town in Cornwall among their other achievements. The flat sea allowed us to get close to the reefs and go into all the caves along the way. We managed to make a whole day trip out of the 20 km distance, thus messing up all Hadass`s plans for the afternoon and evening.


Anonymous said...

וואו,,, התמונה של השקיעה פשוט מדהימה, ןגם הכתיבה שלך מאד יפה, האם ניתן לבקש בקשה אישית? אפשר עוד מוזיקה של שנות הששים כמו השיר המצורף למאמר הקודם. זה בהחלט עושה לי טוב בלב

Silbs said...

I know the feelings, symposiums are magic times. Thanks for the kind words about our local friend and fellow paddler, Derrick. We have arranged with the government to allow him back into the country.

Unknown said...

we will be happy to keep him if you change your mind