Saturday, June 18, 2011

summertime and the rolling is easy

Learning to Eskimo roll is fun especially when the water is warm, and by now most of the Optimist kayakers are getting the hang of it. Of course it takes a lot of practice, and there are times when you get it and then come back the next time and its gone.
Dont worry, with practice it comes back and then one day its instinctive.
The roll is  an essential skill for paddlers, boosting your confidence and enabling you to go out in more challenging conditions, and once you have a roll you can also learn more technical skills without worrying about a capsize.
So now that summers here, get out there and learn to roll. you wont regret it one bit.


hadas said...

great rolls and fun, hope those jelly fish go somewhere else soon

Yinon said...

What about a video with an underwater point of view?

Unknown said...

Will get to work on it as soon as I get back from Ireland.