Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Optimists in Ireland, 2011

Drink Guiness, its good for you. We proved that this is true, drank the stuff and had a great week in Ireland

The Islands round Belmullet  are windswept, have no trees  growing, but there are lots of stones and rocks

We stocked up with lots of good Irish food besides the beer.

The traditional group photo at the beginning of the trip

All packed and ready to brave the windy seas

Hadas and Hagit in a double makes taking video a lot easier

There are a lot of lighthouses on the islands

Look at that smile, and it got bigger each day

Kobi went in a bit close to the rocks

At the tower we turned west and headed out for Inishkea North

Inishkea is a deserted island with the remains of the old stone houses inhabited by local sheep

Our local guide Ali, set up a Tipi for communal use and heated up the Irish stew his mom had made for our first meal

We had set up our camp in the protection of the old village

Looking back to the tower we left at Blacksod. It was a fine day to begin our trip