Wednesday, June 8, 2011

an offer you can`t refuse

The Sicilian mob at the beginning of our trip on the Island of Volcano

Volcanic  landscapes

Rounding the headland

Always smiling

some of our group

Fantastic rocky scenery

I have just returned from a fantastic kayak trip to the Aeolian Islands, here are a couple of pictures as a taster, more later when I have had time to sort out and digest the whole experience. Neeedless to say it was a great kayaking trip with The Optimist Kayak Club.


avital said...

Well come back!!!!

Rachel Einav said...

חזרנו אבל עדיין מרחפים...

karel said...

Looks good Steve

hadas said...

cant wait to see all those pictures.
yes it was fantastic.great group, great place and thanks to fransesco great logistics.
see you again there in september

Lee said...

awesome. cant wait to see more