Saturday, March 26, 2011

seaweed continued

Well I have been reading Rachel`s book about seaweed and am finding it very interesting. I didnt know that seaweed are algae, I guess I didnt think about it at all. Algae are the green things that grow on my aquarium and in the swimming pool if the chemistry of the water is not right. They dont remind me of seaweed at all , but there you go then.And then theres this thing about eating the seaweed.
I know that swushi is wrapped up in nori and there are other seaweeds like wakame and others from Lynns macrobiotic cooking some years ago. And I remember liking  the taste of them too.
So when Funtessa asked me if I had used any of Rachelis recipes I got this idea of  getting together with Racheli , collecting some seaweeds and making a meal.
This all happened today.
In mild surf Rachel and I went to the seawall in Cesearea, braved the pounding breakers and filled a few baggies with nemalion seaweed.
Then we met at Hadas`s house and made 3 different dishes with seaweed.
Actually Rachel made them and I made a movie of the experience.
Besides being tasty and healthy we all had a great time eating and drinking the afternoon away.
Rachel sent me the English version of her book and in the near future I will post some of the recipes.
Meanwhile heres the video, and a huge thanks to Rachel Einav of blue-ecosystems , and to Hadas and Zviki for hosting us at their house. Also present were Motke and Efrat, helping us with the food.


avital said...

כל הכבוד!!! נראה שנהנתם עד בלי די! ובקשר לאוכל- נראה לי שאפשר להסתכל עליו כשאוכלים את האוכל של מוטקה!

Rachel Einav said...

Steve could not sleep after eating so much...
thank u its lovely..

hadas said...

racheli, special dishes, i loved them and had the left ouvers the next day too.
great bunch of friends to have over for lunch.