Wednesday, March 2, 2011


 There is always something left over after making a Greenland paddle.
If you start out with a 2x4 at some stage you have to cut out the paddle shape leaving you with 2 offcuts, then your carve the paddle leaving lots of cedar wood shavings.
After a paddle day making 8 or 10 paddles  I am left with about 20 offcuts and they are not too useful.
Think again, there is a nice bit of wood in the middle and a thinner piece tapering to the end.
The middle pieces can be glued together and used for all sorts of stuff, like this fish.{not yet finished}It could be used as a breadboard.

The longer pieces were standing around for a while and then my son Eli decided to grow tomatoes.
He wanted them in a planter which we didnt have.
 In no time at all he had taken all the offcuts and turned them into these nice planting boxes, now the home to his new tomato plants.
Theres always something to do with leftovers.


Unknown said...

מ ק ס י ם ! ! !

Joe O' said...

Nice article Steve. Like yourself, I am always looking for fun little projects for using up the extra pieces of wood from my own Greenland Paddles. And some of the little projects turn out to be a lot of fun in themselves.
Thanks for writing this!

Cheers...Joe O'