Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the last storms of winter

Storm clouds coming in from the sea made me cut my walk short, one minute the sky was clear and then when I next looked this is what I saw
Strange things get washed up on the beach
I didnt open this to see if there were still olives inside
No idea what this was supposed to do, maybe a float for a fishing line?
Yesterday morning , no paddling, strong winds and the beginning of another strom


hadas said...

love the first and last picture of the post. wow!!!!
also thanks for lin's and your visit at the club this morning.
with a stom this long it gets lonely at the club.
and as i found out about myslef, i need people around to share energy with and get energy from.
so, if not for paddling on these days, at least for coffee.
anyway, enjoying the storm cause it may be the last for this winter. :-)

Adventuretess said...

I agree with Hadas. Love the sky in the firts picture.
Where is the last picture taken and what is it showing?

Lee said...

That last pic is awesome man!
I have to ask though what is on the left hand side of the pic?

Unknown said...

Its a modern sculpture but I cant figure out what its supposed to represent, any suggestions?

Rachel Einav said...

One should always walk by you.
Everything is beautiful in your yeas, even the waist,
Love, Rachel

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the nice comments, the last picture is taken just at the edge of the beach, they have built an access road for all the boats, its new, the last one was destroyed by the BIG storm we had about a month ago. The sculpture has been there for a long time but the light on that day made it realy stand out. I will see if I can find out more about it

hadas said...

to answer lee, the sculpture is one of a famouse artist , Tomarkin.
i asked some locals of its meaning and no one know, but they did say that all the sailors use it as a navigation transit point.

Lee said...

Thanks Hadas!
Interesting piece. Poetic how functional art can be.