Saturday, March 19, 2011

the food chain, from seaweed to champagne

Where have all the fish gone? these fishermen pull up empty nets again and again, its rare that we see them with a good catch. The waters round Cesearea are all fished out.

Today the sea was as calm as a lake and the water was pretty high, covering the rocks and making passage over them possible

Dotted along the shore were many picknickers with their BBQ`s going and we got numerous invitations to join them for a drink. Actually I think the ladies got the invites.

This Heron was looking for food too

The white seaweed has died from being out of the water for long periods due to low tides. According to Racheli, our local seaweed expert, this one is called Gania

This slimy seaweed, called Nemelion is totally edible and has a spagetti like structure

If Racheli says we can eat it , we do. Its rich in antioxidants, betacarotine and iodine and is non fattening.

the green stuff is called ulva

Heres Racheli and her book, there is an English translation if anybody is interested. She has also published a recipe book with seaweed recipes.

Meanwhile back at the club Champagne was being consumed and cakes appeared

The champagne was to  inaugurate Ronits new kayak

I can tell you the cake was more tasty than the seaweed and a bit more fattening too.


nissim said...

nice pix and great day you guys had

nice to know new facts about seaweeds

today i had my first catch and release ( from a s.i.k)

Rachel Einav said...

but nevermaind u r a good student...

TR2 said...

Turns out the moon was at it's closest position to the earth in the last eighteen years.combined with the full moon the tides were very high or very low. Mmmm...interesting...

hadas said...

The last comment was mine. Written from Scilla computer.

Adventuretess said...

I've only had seaweed in sushi - have you tried some of Racheli's recipes ?

Unknown said...

got the book, but not tried them yet.blush, blush

Adventuretess said...

I look forward to reading that post when you do steve, and dont foget the pictures :-)