Friday, February 25, 2011

we can surf

Waves made todays outing a bit more exciting than usual

I love these explosive pictures

Heres one of our newest paddlers surrounded by the Optimist ladies, go explain to your wife why you love kayaking

Yossele in the new Tiderace on a wave

Of course there were capsizes  and rescues, good practice

and then the fun of catching the waves


Rachel Einav said...

תמיד אתה עושה לנו שמח בלב.
תשלח את התמונות לבעלי או תשלח לי בעל לתמונות

hadas said...

i loved the explosive one too.

nissim said...

nice pix

although it was not intensive the waves were a lot of fun

today at sdot yam (26.2.11) it was horrible...

karel said...

keep posting steve great.