Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yossie`s new camera

Heres a great surfing video from Saturday taken and produced by Yossie Wolfson one of our kayakers.
Yossie just bought a new panasonic  lumix camera and the waves were cooperative for his video trial.
I get the same adrenaline rush watching as I did surfing,  must have watched it 20 times already.
I have to keep the venue secret so as to avoid masses of surfers crowding out the spot, so after watching please destroy the copy.
Enjoy and hopefully we will be seeing a lot more from Yossie


nissim said...

great camera i use it also
awesome waves were yesterday

great video

Adventuretess said...

Nice waves, nice footage, nice smiling faces! Keep it coming.

gnarlydog said...

Nice long waves; perfect for sea kayak surfing.
And nice little video with footage taken where the actions was happening.