Saturday, February 5, 2011

my new kayalu camera mount

So I didnt win anything in Joe`s competition, but I had ordered the camera mount about a week or so before and it arrived last Wednesday.
Just in time for the weekend paddling.
Some think the suction cup is not strong enough in rough water, and they may be right but thats what I have and am in the process of trying it out.
So far it hasnt come loose but there are other disadvantages.
If I place it where I can reach it on the front deck, it disturbes my paddling style, if its as far forward as possible I can`t get to it and use the controls, can`t clean the water off the lens and can`t adjust the camera angle
On the other hand its the only way I can think of to get photos and video of my surfing activities.
I would prefer it if there was another photographer out there with me but thats not happening just yet so this is the best I can do.
The last minute or so is in great surf, but the camera angle does not properly show  the size of the waves .
Hope you enjoy it.


Silbs said...

Really good stuff. Wish I could get my tushi in a kayak.

nissim said...

great video
unfortunately waves from this angle does not appear as big as they really are

looking forward for more great stuff

Vered said...

good one!