Friday, September 4, 2009

what if??

Say you went out with your group, the sea was calm and there was a nice breeze, nothing you couldn't handle and nothing to be concerned about. After about an hour you suddenly found yourself alone, no one else in sight, believe me it happens.The wind gets a bit stronger and some waves appear. You stop for a rest and a drink and when you turn to get something from your day hatch you simply capsize. Now if you have a roll its not a problem, but if you don't and if you have not practised getting back into your kayak on your own you are in trouble. The wind is against you swimming back to shore, the waves and wind are getting stronger and suddenly you find yourself becoming religious.

Whenever we go out , we always stress, don't go off on your own, paddle with at least one other person, but more often than not we find stragglers or daydreamers way out there all by themselves. When we ask them who they are with they always say "I`m with them" pointing to a couple of kayakers in the far distance. Actually they are not, those in the distance don't know where you are and if you need help they will not be there for you.

Develop and awareness of your group, know who is around you at all times and keep an eye out for people who may need help.You never know when it may be you.

I know that this is the most simple scenario, and you could take it just about anywhere, for example, what if you lost a paddle, etc etc.

Think about it.

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avital said...

very important. sometimes it is so temptating to go alone.