Sunday, September 6, 2009

yes, you should come to our symposium

Optimist Kayak Club has its annual symposium in October. The weather is still pleasant and the water is warm.

The stars of the show this year are Jeff Allen, Ben Lawry and Greg Stammer. all three of them are well known names in the world of seakayaking.

Greg is one of the top Greenland style paddlers with a wealth of experience in rolling and paddling with the famous Greenland stick. Now I know that there are lots of you out there who have made a Greenland paddle, but for some reason don't use them. This is your chance to get some quality coaching and then you can start using the paddle that you made.

Jeff has been to both of our previous symposiums and always leaves us with our tongues hanging out for more. His approach to safety and incident management is unique and enriching.He also makes learning this stuff so much fun that you tend to forget that you are in a learning environment.

Ben, who you can see on Justine's "This Is the Sea" videos is an expert in the ergonomic aspects of forward paddling. Since we spend almost all of our time going forwards, why not make an effort to improve our technique and style.

Then again its a chance to spend 4 full days kayaking , immersing oneself in the sport for days at a time instead of a short paddle now and then. This is a wonderful experience and the social aspect is lots of fun too.

I highly recommend that anyone interested in kayaking in Israel make an effort and attend our symposium,you will have a great time and spend a few days with lots of terrific people


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well thank you kind soul

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I'd be there if I could. sounds like a wonderful happening. My best to Ben.