Thursday, September 17, 2009

learning to paddle and then learning to surf

There has been a steady stream of newcomers to our club all summer. The first lesson is a brief intro to seakayaking with the emphasis on safety. We go over a wet exit, an assisted rescue and the basics of forward paddling, how to turn and brace and how to stop. Then if they want they can join the group on the regular outings learning as they go. In the summer there are skills sessions once a week. Most people find this a great way to learn as each outing they are accompanied by one or more of the coaches. This allows everyoneto progress at their own speed and level with no peer pressure at all.

Today, with a change in the weather we had some surf for a change.It`s been a long flat summer with almost no surfing.As the seasons change from summer to autumn the sea responds too, becoming much more playful.

There were not too many of us out there, and the waves were perfect for beginners.

The only downside was that it gets dark much earlier these days and so we had to stop much too soon .

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Silbs said...

Looks like great fun. Nice pictures. You captured the moment.