Wednesday, July 22, 2009

go slalom

The cargo ships dock alongside the conveyor that takes the coal to the power plant.

This conveyor is about 2km long built on huge pylons in the sea making a great tunnel for us to play in.

Today, with the sea a bit rough, and a southerly wind, playing under the conveyor and among the pylons was a good adrenalin boost.

The pylons are studded with barnacles, not a good place to capsize and get rubbed against.

Oh yes, I agree with Silbs
,you need to push yourself in order to progress, to go beyond your limits and to get out of your comfort zone.
Next week I will be in Cornwall, will have a couple of days with Jeff Allen in completely different conditions. I'm sure it will be a challenge as the Atlantic is a bit different to the Med. Stay tuned for an update


avital said...

Have a great time . Waiting for pics.

kayakr said...


This was a little different place to go kayaking. Seems to be some waves between the pylons.

Have a good trip to the UK and enjoy the paddling with Jeff Allen!



Unknown said...

hi peter, sorry it took so long for your comment to show, I`ve just got back from cornwall today, had a great time and had fun with jeff. thanks for your comment