Tuesday, July 14, 2009

wow those waves are huge....are they?

Ok, the forecast is for 1.5m waves, so what does that mean to a kayaker, sitting almost at sea level. Just how big is a 1.5m wave coming right at you. They always look huge.
Here's something I found on a website that gives a pretty good understanding.
To quote Gordon Browns Rule, If you have a distant horizon waves are less than 1m. If your horizon is the crest of the wave in front of you then they are more than 1m.
Or put it like this, if you loose sight of just your partners boat when they are in the trough, the waves are 1 foot, or about 1/3m. If you loose sight of your partners shoulders and just their head is visible above the crest of the wave then they are 2 feet, or about 2/3m.
Here's a photo video of the waves today, note how the kayak and the kayaker both disappear in the waves, IE, the waves are over 1m, and in some cases they were 2m high

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Rachel Einav said...

Was exciting. Can u send my pictures from 14.07.2009 to my Email?
I could not download them and would like to show my family...