Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blondes have more fun

There was a surprise waiting for me this morning when I got to the club. I knew that the sea was a bit wild, it started yesterday and continued today, what fun. But then I met our guest kayaker, Reinhild, a young blond girl from Norway who is studing religion in Israel and took a day off to come and paddle with us.So I spent the next hour and a half playing in the waves with Hadas and Rags, as she is known by her friends. The sea was fantastic, large waves, roiling water coming from all directions and hardly anyone out there. As we were preparing to put out some passers by asked me if we were crazy, absolutely I replied to their laughing expressions. I guess to a non kayaker it looks like a crazy thing to do, going out in such a wild sea in such a fragile looking vessel.
As the photos show, we had a great time and Rags couldnt stop grinning and smiling all the time. Now I`ve been invited to go kayaking in Bergen, Norway. Who can refuse such an invite.

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Silbs said...

Looks like great fun...even if your hair is gray.