Saturday, August 1, 2009

rock hopping with jeff

One week is not enough time to Explore Cornwall. There is so much to see and do and one days kayaking with Jeff is definitly not enough. I will have to go back.
I love kayaking in the rain and rough seas, and when I contacted Jeff he told me that the forecast was for force 7 winds and rain. The night before I honestly thought that he would cancell the outing. Not having the experience of WEATHER, I did not know what to expect.
Because of the dire forecast Jeff had to postpone his clients for the day, you can`t take out beginners with this kind of weather waiting for you.But luckily for me it was a great day for us to go out and taste the Atlantic ocean and the coast of Falmouth.
Jeff picked me up , we collected the kayaks, and off we went. I got to paddle a Rockpool kayak, can`t remember the model , but as soon as I sat in it it felt like home, super comfortable and the footplate instead of foot pedals was a real treat. We planed to go south into the wind and use it to help us get back.
I havent ever had to wear a drysuite and it took a bit of manouvering to get it on, but once in I was as dry as toast and unrestricted. The rain came down , the wind blew and I was happy. The rockpool is a great boat, tracks well and is pretty quick, and when Jeff said lets do some rock hopping, I said," after you".
I followed him through all the crevices and gullies along the shore, going in and out among the rocks , a bit worried about getting washed against them. They can do serious damage to a kayak if you are not careful, but as Jeff was not in the least bothered by a new scratch or two, neither was I.
Tea and a gourmet sandwich, showed me another of Jeff`s talents, the man can prepare good food as well. All too soon we had to turn around and head back, the wind didn`t pick up as predicted but we had a little help from the tide in one crossing and some small surf to cheer us on. In all we paddled about 20 to 25km along a fantastic coastline, with cliffs, caves and coves even seeing a large seal. I envy Jeff, he has paradise at his doorstep and I will definitely be back for more kayaking. The rest of the trip was great too, we explored the coastal path, walking along the cliffs and beaches of Cornwall, visiting the old fishing villages and exploring the countryside. What can I say, life is good.


hadas said...

we were just talking today and saying how you are missed here. and your camera too.hhh.
welcome home.great to read about your adventures in the uk.

avital said...

It looks as if you had a fantastic time there. Good to have you back.
The pics are so smale. Can you do somthing about it?