Saturday, April 4, 2009

down to the dead sea again

Today we went down to paddle on the Dead Sea together with the paddlers from Beit Daniel in Tel Aviv. There were about 30 of us, an impressive number of kayakers from any point of view, and we sure made on impression on the locals when we arrived and launched of the small beach. Good weather and flat seas made for a comfortable paddle and then we had lunch on a mud flat. Due to the receeding water the shore is very soft and muddy and there is a tendency to sink into the sticky stuff and loose your shoes if you are not careful. The water has an oily feel and appearance due to the high mineral content, and floating around on the water is a lot of fun. As you paddle along the shore line you get to see all kinds of life on the shores, this is a very popular vacation site, and people come from all over the world to enjoy the special minerals and water and the mud. There are your conservatives on the one hand and the nudists on the other, it all makes for an interesting paddle. Hadas has a visitor, a friend and fellow explorer, Peter Bray, who is here for a few days and will give a lecture on Thursday. Today he paddled with us and helped organise the games on shore, you can see them in the short video. We played around for a while and then made our way home .


Silbs said...

I was surprised to see someone exposing their camera to that salty environment. I remember my visit there and floating about effortlessly. I noticed mostly plastic boats. Is that because of the salt problem? As I recall, there was a problem with sink holes along the shore.

Unknown said...

I didnt take my wood kayak as it was easier logistically to use a club kayak, the plastic ones can take a lot of abuse. Due to the receeding shoreline the shores are all mud and when you stand in it you can sink up to your knees. There are sinkholes but not in the area that we were in