Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The best in the world

If you speak to my dad about life in South Africa you will come away thinking that everything in that country is the absolute best The meat is the best in the world, the fruit and vegetables are the best in the world, the climate is the best in the world,the standard of living and the casinoes are also the best in the world.The game reserves[safari parks] are the best in the world.In fact most of the components there fit that description. Corruption in high places is the best in the world, the high crime rate is also the best in the world etc etc. I must admit, I did have a great time there and agree with him on that.And then I came across this notice in the newspaper......

So I guess they have the most highly developed sence of modesty too. I just wonder who is behind such follyFrom my experience it has to be some form of extreme religious zealousness of whatever cult, creed or religion. Thus starts the downward spiral.

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Silbs said...

My old professor and partner in practice was from South Africa and swore it was the best weather in the world.

Unknown said...

so theres my proof