Saturday, March 28, 2009

open house in Pardess Hanna

The village I live in is called Pardess Hanna, the English translation would be Hannas Orchard. Its a small place spread out over quite a large area with a mixture of new and old buildings . It was once an agricultural center. Every year for the past few years, just before Passover the local artists, and there are many of them scattered throughout the village, have a 3 day Open House when they open their houses and studios to the general public. This in order to sell their creations which make good gifts for the coming holiday. Some are great, some not so great but its a nice way to spend some time roaming the village and looking at all the different artworks. I love pottery the best and today went to visit Meir Moheban and his Anagama kiln. This amazing Japanese kiln is a huge construction which uses Wood for the fire and the ashes and smoke affect the glazing of the pots. Because of the labour intense firing process he fires it once a year with all the pots that he has worked on during the year and the outcome is a festival of pottery. And then there is my neighbour Mark Yudel who makes fantastic whimsical Raku pottery. There are others around but these two are my favourites. I admire all the artists around, they make life interesting and encourage us mortals to be creative too.

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