Friday, March 13, 2009

not a kayak in sight [or a day in the countryside]

On wednesday Arele invited me to go with him for a trip in his new toy. I gave up a morning paddle and went off for something completely different, a day driving around the countryside in a 4 wheel drive buggy.It reminded me of my days riding a cross country motor bike.On a trip like this there are 2 distinct aspects, the first is the excitement generated by the power of the vehicle and the ability to go almost anywhere, and the second is the actual trip in the countryside and the local attractions. Walking is the ultimate connection with your environment, as is paddling in a water environment, being on a motorised vehicle is one step removed from it, but still close enough to feel part of it. We spent the day in an area of the country filed with biblical references, ancient remains of settlements, an area of hidden caves built by the locals to hide from the Romans, ancient buriel caves and even an original wine press carved into the rock. Now just after the rains the landscape is still green with all the colors of the natural wildflowers and the weather is comfortable for day trips I can understand why Arele has a hard time to choose between a days paddling or getting out on his new Polaris. I had a great day.

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