Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Second Greenland Paddle Carving Day

Today was the second Greenland Paddle Carving Day in Israel It`s hard to believe , but it is possible to carve a Greenland paddle in one day. We began at 10am and by 5.30 everyone had brand new Greenland Paddle to take home. There is a definite sence of acheivement when you take a plank of wood and transform it into a beautiful tool. You almost can`t believe that you did it by yourself with your own two hands and a lot of elbow grease. And now you can`t wait to get on the water and try it out That`s another whole new chapter opening up. So there is something new going on all the time after all.


Silbs said...

Most excellent with lovely results. In my basement is a board once destined to be an elegant paddle. It turned out to be a stick of wood with Leprosy surrounded by many tooth picks :)

avital said...

הייתי שם ערב קודם. כל העמדות היו מוכנות, בכל אחת מהן מונח מה שעתיד להיות המשוט הגרינלנדי, רשת צל מתוחה, שולחן קפה ערוך בפינה, הכילים נקיים ומושחזים... השקט שלפני. האהבה לדבר ניכרת בכל ועוברת הלאה!