Saturday, March 14, 2009

beaufort scale 6 to 7

Wind speed 20to 40 knots, seas moderately high waves, spray and foam flying in streaks off wave crests, and high waves, kayaking conditions very difficult, even experienced kayakers may curse, hard progress into the wind, rescues are difficult too. So off we went, Israel Ruby and I, "lets go out to the ship and back, we will be with the wind coming in so it wont be too bad", thats what we thought when we decided to try our luck this morning. Israel was in a short white water kayak, Ruby and I in sea kayaks. We headed for the break in the reef, the safe passage in and
out of our bay, as we got there I decided that I didnt want to be out in the open sea in such conditions, very large waves, strong wind and a definite threat to my comfort level. Just as we turned to come home Israel flipped over and had to bail, his kayak filed with water making the swim to shore a tedious event. I hooked a towline and began to paddle but the waterlogged kayak acted as a heavy sea anchor and made progress very slow. Also the fact that Israel was holding on to the kayak didn`t help matters much. Ruby hooked his tow onto my boat and together we managed to get back to safer waters. Unfortunately the seas were too rough for me to take any photos and there were no other kayakers out there. Ruby took some pics of me in the shorebreakers at the end. It was a good experience building outing for all of us.

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