Saturday, January 31, 2009

no one wants to play anymore

Mickey overslept and didnt get to the beach today, Ruby called in sick, that left Ohad , Zohar and Me.Zohar brought her camera but didnt get in the water and Ohad left early, so that left me .Its much more fun playing in the waves when you have company, theres lots of laughs and screams and help if you need it, as well as encouragement. So after a short while, after practcing some rolling in the rough water and getting a few good photos I packed it in too.The sea was very messy with a strong wind and waves breaking all over the show and it was hard work just to get out there. Zohar stayed on the beach and took some great photos. I love the sea and kayaking , maybe its bordering on obsession but seeing that Ohad is a psychologist I think I am in good company.


Ruby said...

Hi steav
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Silbs said...

Another fun and entertaining preentation. It lifted my spirits.