Wednesday, January 21, 2009

you become what you think about

So what am I thinking about now, well its a new kayak.Its about time my itchy fingers began building again and I have just ordered the plans for a new kayak. This time it will be the Petrel from Guillemot . From what I have seen this looks like a great boat for rough water, which is just what I am looking for. Its always exciting to start a new project, there is a great feeling and lots of energy is generated, and there are endless possibilities. So thats what Im going to be thinking about for the next few months.
If there is anyone out there who has built and paddled a Petrel, I would be happy to hear your opinion of the kayak, and to see a picture too.

Today was another January birthday, It seems as though this month has the most birthdays in our club, I know of at least 6, and today was Rami`s turn . We celebrated with a great breakfast after the morning paddle. Hooray for all the Capricorns.

And so what are you thinking about?


Silbs said...

I'm thinking about the ice on the lake and how I look forward to the pictures as you progress on the new boat.

avital said...

You made me bielive I can built a kayak. You allso made it possible - to do it my way, my rhythm. It is a great chalenge for me,which becoming true. Thanks to you.