Friday, February 6, 2009

and then hadas and barak went out too

Last weekend as captured by Zohar , Hadas and Barak went out to play in the surf. Dodging all the kite surfers made for an interesting afternoon.
I on the other hand was busy starting my new kayak

and getting the paddle blanks ready for the next Greenland Paddle carving day.

I have found that the strongest way is to laminate two pieces of Cedar onto a central piece of pine, this makes a nice light weight paddle and gives strength as the pine forms a very strong central core. I found that when I only used Cedar my paddle snapped in half. Maybe its because we don`t have that good a selection of wood to choose from.
Zohar, I was not sleeping as you can now see, I just don't feel the need to blog every day, but here`s you this morning silhouetted against the clouds and sun .

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the nice clip and the great pics (too bad that the battery was a bit tired...)