Friday, January 23, 2009

nothing new under the sun

There is a saying that everything that is has been and that there is nothing new. Or to put it another way energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed form one form to another. So it is with our regular outings. We dont have that many options, we can either go north, south or west. What does change however and makes the outings more interesting is the weather and the sea conditions. Take today for example. The wind was howling at many knots per hour, more than your usual comfort zone, so we decided to hug the shore on the northern leg. This gave us the oppertunity to paddle among the rocks and reefs , testing our steering skills and giving us a new insight into familiar scenery.Also the few of us who had Greenland paddlles could feel the difference and advantage of this paddle in adverse conditions. With such strong winds there is also the danger of an easy capsize and if you don`t hold onto your equipment it is gone with the wind in no time at all. So every trip is new even if you`ve done it many times before. All you need to do is change the conditions and then you have a brand new experience, oops did I say new?

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